The Palantir – Pippin looks into the Seeing Stone

by Apr 14, 2004Poetry

`Twas hurled at us in crimson hate
From one refuting his defeat.
A heavy ball of perfect shape
That landed near the wizard’s feet.
A crystal, dark but burning deep,
The light within, a fiery glow;
It snapped the rail and cracked the stair,
But ne’er a mark did it bestow.

I ran to pick it up for him,
That luminescent ball of flame.
In wonder I beheld the orb,
Of what it was and whence it came.
In haste he took it from my grasp
And wrapped it close within his cloak.
With stern and reprimanding voice,
My interfering did rebuke.

As daylight faded, stars appeared.
The party made their evening camp,
But thoughts in fascination drew
Me to that mystifying lamp.
I lay awake, all sleep had fled.
My mind’s eye focused on the globe.
If only I could sneak it from
The folds of Gandalf’s snowy robe!

The memory filled all my thoughts,
I felt the weight and saw the flame.
No longer could I stay away,
To hold it once again, my aim.
As cunning as a fox in chase,
Up to his side I softly steal.
Ingeniously I pluck the orb,
Replacing with a stone concealed.

In eager haste I take my prize
Away from dreamers sleeping light.
A hillock green I sit upon,
To gaze once more is my delight.
With greedy eyes now bending low,
Anticipation tingling,
I cautiously pull back my cloak
And cast my eyes upon this thing.

At first the darkness filled the globe,
As black as ink, foreboding ill;
Then faintly came a subtle glow,
My eyes it held against my will.
Now suddenly the flame invades,
I cannot tear myself away.
Then dark once more and stars appear
With battlements it did convey.

But that was not the vision’s end.
Behold a creature, terrible!
Then eight joined in, all flying high,
The sight of them, unbearable!
And to my dread I found myself
Interrogated in my mind
By him with force, malevolent,
His ruthless cruelty entwined.

He laughed at me when he was through,
Like stabbing knives I could not thwart.
I struggle, then he said to wait,
This message grave I must report.
“Tell Saruman it’s not for him,
I’ll send for it at once, take heed!
Just that,” he gloated, “say just that!”
I scream and blackness smothered me.

When consciousness at last I find,
In fear I see him standing tall.
“It’s not for you, please let me go!”
Then Gandalf’s voice to me did call.
“Come back” he said and then I knew.
Forgiveness I could only plead.
He bade me tell what I had done,
And through my tears, confessed my deed.

Those stern gray eyes with grim regard
Grew gentle, then a smile appeared.
“All right,” he told me, “say no more.
You show no lie as I have feared”
Continued he his lecturing
With fatherly admonishment,
While to myself my foolishness
I hope will bring no ill event.

He carried me back to my bed
And bade me rest the best I could
With Merry there to comfort me;
But sleep has fled away for good.
When suddenly a shadow fell;
O’er all the camp a terror grew,
And to my horror I had found
My vision now was coming true!

Ere I could even say goodbye
To Merry, I was hauled away
Into the darkness faster now,
Away from friends, to my dismay.
Into the dark we fly in haste,
Not even time to grab my pack.
Now faster do we hurry on,
The peril falling swiftly back.

And now the wind is in my face.
On Shadowfax, his noble steed,
We swiftly ride into the east.
He knows his way; he’ll ne’er mislead.
What new adventures will I have?
And will I see my friends again?
But good or ill I will survive,
If I from trouble can refrain.


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