The One Ring

by Mar 16, 2004Poetry

One Ring to rule them all
When darkness rules and light shall fall
One Ring to find them all
When darkness comes and the Dark Lord calls
One Ring to brin them all
To the darkness of the cold, dark hall
One Ring to bind them all
With the power of the two towers tall
One King to see him fall
When light shall reign and darkness fall
One King to save them all
When need and hope come to call
One King to bind them all
And come to rule in old Kings’ halls
Five Peoples to save the King
To throw down darkness and sedtroy the Ring
Five Peoples to save the King
When darkness comes and evil brings
Five Peoples to see him King
And rejoice for him and to him sing
One World to survive all
When darkness comes to win or fall
One world to mourn all
Who were lost to Him when darkness called
One World to bind all
And rejoice when darkness falls


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