The “One Ring”

by Dec 29, 2004Poetry

For years the endless war was fought,
it all began when the ring was wrought.

The battle to destroy one ring,
countless deaths of men did bring.

A little hobbit boy was chosen,
to go to the land far from frozen.

On Mordor’s slopes this boy did go,
to the Mount of Doom the ring to throw.

But many perils he did face,
it is remembered as a race.

Who would be the first to win?
In order to tell the grateful kin.

Another king in the land of Gondor,
had perils to face at his own door.

The evil One was workign hard,
he had to win for his own guard.

Finally it was over and won,
and all the good would see the sun.

The little hobbit now quite old,
sailed off to far land made of gold.



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