The Oath of Feanor

by Oct 26, 2005Poetry

Your eyes I see in the evening sky,
watching me as I wonder by,
I hear your voice in the warm spring breeze,
taunting me through the fading trees.

No ship is left to bear me home,
No friend is here where I must roam…

I see your face in the shadows of sleep,
treasured images I long to keep,
Wandering again back to the sea,
a familiar path I often seek.

No pass is left for me to find…
No solution to my immortal bind…

Here at the end I fall on my knees,
on the shores of Ulmo’s dark seas,
But for the relief of my tortured mind,
I beg for mercy from my sentenced bind.

No mercy is there far in the west…
So here it is I am forever left.


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