The Never-forgotten Memory – Sam’s Lament for Frodo (Poem)

by Nov 16, 2002Poetry

It started out as an escape,
There were all of us there,
We were Hobbits from the Shire,
We didn’t have a care.

What part could we play
On this quest so grand?
But the roll we took
Some still don’t understand.

They are so small.
What could they do?
Some people were so ignorant
But there was one who knew.

She was the fair eastern maiden,
Through our minds her words soared,
“Even the smallest person
Can change the course of this world”

You believed her words,
Her advice you took,
You went out on your own,
Your friends you forsook.

But I knew you better.
You wouldn’t leave me then
So I came along as
Your friend until the end.

Our journey was long,
We faced many fears,
The troubled time was hard,
There was nothing worse throughout our years.

We climbed and journeyed to the top,
Where dark’s rage did sing.
I thought even for a second there
You weren’t going to destroy the Ring.

But I looked into your eyes
As it fell in the fire,
I saw a joy I saw at Bag-End
The greatest joy of the Shire.

We hurried quickly back home,
Many changes there were made,
But with the help of fellow friends,
From the dark, our home was saved.

Our quiet town is still at peace,
And though you’ve now gone,
The memory of our journey
Will last in my heart forever on.


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