The Nazgul Sting – For anyone who ever withstood the morgul blade (other than Frodo)

by Sep 26, 2005Poetry

I see your wound
How it scabs up and heals
And the ugly scab frightens
Every maiden on the street

And I think “lucky you!
I’ve got your pain times two!”
For even though my wounds are few,
They never heal on my cue

This wound is bleeding,
A mess on the streets
And the maidens cry out
But the warriors don’t respond

And I scream, “By the Truth!
By the sanctified youth!
I’ll sell by no booth,
For I am uncouth!”

Only surgery can heal
What goes more than skin deep
These bandages won’t help
I need your strength

Answer Me! Come to Me!
Give me something to believe!
Ransom me! Gamble Me!
I will never ever leave!
Just show me the way
to be rid of this curse
Mold me like clay
If not for the worse

I see your wound,
How it scabs up and heals,
Why am I so different?
Will I never be sane?

From you I feel no hope as yet,
But I will still wait, it’s cold and wet
Reach into my veins
Take out your leeches
Rid me these pains
As your wisdom teaches

Pain and despair will some day be gone
I will be shown right, and they’ll be proved wrong
Those who once said I would always despair
And write down these ramblings, mentally impaired
I’m still looking for you


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