The Music of Arda

by Apr 21, 2003Poetry

Listen to the song of the Valar…
Tell me, do you undestand what they say?
A song with the beauty of Ea,
so beautiful, and yet so terrible.

It flows over the forests of Yavanna,
it rises up, to the sky and stars of Varda;
it twirles in the waters of Ulmo,
and gives joy and hope to the Quendi.
A melody with the strength of Orome,
that goes everywhere in Ea.

It is given the delight of Tulkas,
and the grace of Vana.
It can heal the weary souls,
for it has the gifts of Este,
and it turns grief to wisdom, like Nienna.
Vaire has woven it, and it now lies
in the places of Mandos, where all the souls rest.

Listen to the melody of the Blessed Realm,
listen to the song of the Valar…


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