The mortal’s mourn – And the Elves last injunction

by Aug 6, 2004Poetry

O Imladris Lothlorien, Last havens of a distant past
Do not fade! Please, do not pass
Remain to tell us to the last
Of older days that now have passed.

The golden dales and silver vales
Within the borders of your lands
Now shrink and dimmer grow but still!
Why must you fade beyond the hill?
The hill where none may follow.

I mortal dwell within this world
My finite mind is often hurled
Beyond the reaches of its thought
So won’t you stay? Enlighten us!
And let your glorious land still bless
The newborn realm of Men!

“Fair child, dear, now listen. Here
Is not our home but yours.
We must away, the break of day
Was given you not us.

Fret not dear child, good has left,
But good has also stayed.
A task for you, a task for us,
We’ve finished ours, now finish yours
And join us soon beyond the worlds
Where all shall meet and all shall greet
The fruit of their rewards.”


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