The Morannon – Ch 2: the Eagles are Coming

by Jul 13, 2004Poetry

“This day we fight,”
Cried Aragorn,
“Stand! Men of the west and fight.”
Then we turned to Mordor in scorn.
We clashed in fury,
But we had to hurry,
To kill all these creatures,
To destroy Mordor’s features.
Yet there was no hope,
No happiness in this land,
So it is the end,
Then came the Variags out of Khand.
Trolls as tall as towers,
Yet Gorthaur had more,
He had much more power.
Then an assailment of beasts,
Coming down to feast,
Nazgul with the cry,
Making men’s spirit die.
so it ended as I guessed it would,
The cloaked and hood,
Would destroy the world of men,
We can’t kill them.
But lo! Out of the blue,
With a great golden hue,
Birds larger than wraiths,
Came down face-to-face,
“Eagles!” I cried,”The eagles are coming!”
they screeched at the Nazgul,
Then the ground was shaken by something.
I looked up and there was an amazing thing,
THe darkness was gone and I heard people start to sing.


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