The Morannon – Ch 1: The King’s Cry

by Jul 12, 2004Poetry

We looked across the morgul-vale,
Into that haunted city,
But Gandalf said to avail,
For Minas-Ithil we had pity.
We came to the Slag-hills,
A cry we set forth,
And out of the dark bills,
A rider came with a skeleton horse.
He spoke,”I have a token bidden to show thee.”
He set forth items of three,
THen I knew it was the end,
The two halflings were dead.
A sword, brooch and coat,
Made me loath,
This sickness of a world,
But then Mithrandir twirled.
“Silence!” he cried,
“You deserved to die!”
Yet I will have pity on you,
for you were once a man,
Yet none know your name,
You shan’t be mamed.
Then the thing rode back to the gate,
Yet it was too late,
The host of Mordor issued forth,
And the rider turned his horse.
Yet the king stopped us,
He said”Hold your ground!”
Yet on him, there was no frown.
“Gondor Rohan, brothers!”
he cried,
“Today we shan’t die.
There may come a day,
When the courage of men fails,
When cat and mouse is what the dark Lord shall play,
But tis not this day.
An hour of wolves,
And shattered shields,
When the age of men fails.
But tis not this DAY!”


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