The Mariners Wife – (Uineniel)

by Apr 8, 2004Poetry

She wakes to an ardent reveille
of morning birds in scented trees.
With dawns first light alone again
she staves off worry and thinks of him.

He stands on deck enveloped in mist
body attuned to the sway of his ship.
In the salt spray morning his mooring set
he thinks of her and feels regret.

He recalls her walking in a Westland glade
her dark hair flowing unbound and free.
With quiet beauty their hearts were made
in her soft grey eyes he saw the sea.

On the sill of her window in Emerie
Her Elven birds they sweetly sing.
Yet their joy is too keen for Erendis
and she sends away the Eldar’s gift.

Her heart is for the Land and Trees
the stillness of a fallen leaf.
His heart soars to the call of Gulls
his mistress is the Sea.


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