The Lure of the Sea – A Poem

by Feb 24, 2003Poetry

Listening to the cries of gulls on yonder rocky shore,
The water’s crash upon the sand. Have I heard this before?
The spell is not a new one. Long have I felt its call.
I may be here; my heart is there and ever held enthralled.

I’m here in chains of steel, if broken, I would be away,
And on the road to waters clear by night and rising day.
What strength it has to tear me from the place where I belong!
I listen not, but ever hear, its all-commanding song.

And now I wonder if I should go, if I should set away,
And take the highways to the Sea and walk at break of day.
But though I yearn to, something holds me, here where I belong.
Away from the Sea, away from the inevitable song.

The cries of gulls, the crashing waves, they ever call to me,
And not for long can I withstand the luring of the Sea.


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