The Love That Lingers – to ease his passing

by Feb 2, 2004Poetry

The Love that Lingers

I shall relive my years of death
and lay upon the truth,
Of when I tried to hide from pain,
with stronger walls I’ve lain.

The shattered face of memories,
That cling to yesterday,
Are broken wings of my defeat,
Of when I went astray.

And blinded once in shifts of lies,
I begged to fade away,
But I was bound with ties that bind,
There came no other way.

Crimson tears now poured from me,
And I saw what lay ahead,
Now the time has come for me,
For now, the lights to dim.

Watered though by echoed tears,
My barren cries still whispers stay,
And unchained though tomorrows be,
My love shall linger here…


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