The Losing Warrior – All Has Gone Wrong Or Has It?

by Mar 28, 2003Poetry

This is all that is in the poor soul,
He can’t see that my love for him is a chain.
Never ending!
he doesn’t care……..
I’ll get REVENGE!
She, one of my own no longer cares ofr me
they the companions who I thought I would never lose
are drifting further away from my broken
Will they return? Will they still care? Am I in hell?
Parent, guardians are losing me in my own soul
they can’t help, who can?
Show me light or am I to be left alone,
in the shadows,
to be waisted upon the darkness.
Wait,……….in the midst of my depresion
there is a sparkle of light.
Its fadely impression apon me calms my anger,
its warm glow sures the beast within.
Lord have I found my angel,
the light,
but will it walk with me on my deserted path…
for long?


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