The Lonely Maiden – Allegory

by Jan 21, 2003Poetry

The Lonely Maiden,allegory Arvenstar
Of Eowyn

Her body and her soul ,so exposed to drooling eyes,
She bears the mailshirt ,girt with sword and knife.
Motherless, the darkness of these cold and windy North Halls ,
makes living within cages no real life.

Her laughter ceased,when small, she must defend
her ears from foul insinuations,cunning plans to break
her Dear grandfather Theoden, to make him frail and
weak,unmanned. Her hope wavers ,lacking brother, friend.

Her icy look unnerves any who try to give her joy.
All of her life , her only way as been to be a boy.
When life at Hall of Heroes,she stands behind throne
Her prowess as a warrior soon is spread,afaraway from home
Eowyn ,the Icemaiden closes her eyes ,in dire need
Grima Wormtongue lusts her with lidded eyes The Cage around her getting smaller,dark are all her corners,
As she tries to ignite dignity against all lies.
As crebain screech across the skies, and Black evil steals Rohans dear horses, Saruman is traitor, Grima spy

And then He comes , the man out of a fairy tale,
A sword reforged, Legolas an Elf ;Gimli a dwarf :
Then hope(estel) is kindled in the heart of Eowyn
Proud lady, gold and silver white is shining ,
Looking to be seen, that special way,
Alas ,she wishes to be His Queen

She knows not of his own hope and desire…

His Love for Evenstar of Imladris,
High Lord Elrond’s daughter Arwen
Lady of her own reknown,songs sung
They plighted troth in secrecy in
Lorien ,his hope hangs on a thread.

This Shieldmaiden of ice and fire:
He sees her pain at once ,as he
so genteelly feels her hurt,so young.
But cannot ease her heart’s desire ,nay
Her mind is set, to die in Battle, against Sauron,
While he takes the Paths of Death,
She calls him fey. Poor Eowyn ,so proud
finds Merry and they in this great battle play
a part ordained by fate?,Great Deeds!
On battlefield they lie ,wounded in gloom…

She lies so white, in
Gondor’s room.

The lonely Maiden wanders on the highest wall,
with others who must wait for Hope of living.
Eowyn,of Rohan needs love itself, to learn it’s call,
instead of always giving.Hope lost ,she wants to dy!

To Faramir she goes, with cry
for sword,but meets a gentle spirit ,just and wise.
For many days he has himself returned to life
Learning to love this lily of a woman pale as ice.
“come,Stand with me, their hands hold tightly
will the West stand tall?The wind of hope blows
now, their hair entwining,’Aye*said she…

The Proudest Lady ,White of Rohan captured
By Faramir , Captain and Steward of Gondor
Her ice doth melt at last ,her gaze in wonder
as he proclaims his Love for her grieved heart.
Beneath all shields and mailshirts, letting fall
Beats a heart,in wonder, how she’s giving in
* ‘* * *

Upon this day I wedded ,hoping for a fairytale ,that ended.
In purest white, my knight at side, all blessed
our union,lasting but a day ,crashing away
Glass shards that night I swept ,of disillusion,
Cruelest of all,I took upon me mail and heavy metal
For never can my broken heart be mended.
Of bridal flowers ,all that’s left is one dry petal…

July 22,2002 Ingrid Bergkcopyright



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