The Little Brother – Faramir’s song for Boromir

by Feb 1, 2005Poetry

What tidings, West Wind? Over rock and tall hill
You’ve flown and gazed on far lands;
Long gone is my brother, miss him I sore –
Tell me if he anymore stands?

He left to Imladris, on horse strong and swift,
With the sun shining down as he rode.
Sad were his eyes as he left our fair city;
Shall he e’er return by that road?

Folk say he is bold, and fair he is too,
A great captain of far lesser men.
I sit in his stead, but am weaker than he;
Shall he come to protect us again?

Will his horn sound once more over the plains,
Ringing and singing loud clear?
Are the women kept safe, the men again brave,
At the coming of strong Boromir?

A hero was he, praised in many a song;
By him is the dark kept at bay.
My brother he was, my stength and my hope-
Yet how can I keep strong in his stay?

What tidings, West Wind? He left for your lands;
Far off he fights brave, so I fear.
Does he breath this same air, and tread among men,
Will he come back to me, weak Faramir?


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