The Lay of Elu – Eluchil ‘s latest poem

by Apr 6, 2004Poetry

Eluchil begins to sing softly in in the elven tongue. After a moment he switches to the common speech and you can hear him clearly.

“A king there was in days of old

Of whom many a tale is told;

The greatest Lord that under star

Once walked, ere evil things did mar

The night. He dwelt in Menegroth,

The Thousand Caverns great where both

He and Melian the Queen

Ruled wiser than who e’er has been

In the fair land of Middle-earth

Whence all who live have had their birth.

A king who ruled both well and long

Whose deeds appear in many a song

Elu Thingol was his name

And who has ever known his pain.

For Luthien Tinuviel,

Fairer than mortal tongue can tell,

Bound herself to mortal man

And passed the shore of Eruman;

Her spirit left the world indeed

Whither elves can take no reed

For Beren son of Barahir

To her of all the world most dear.

The King stayed by Esgalduin

Though life brought little joy to him.

The Silmaril now held his heart.

He had it set by dwarven art

Into the precious Nauglamir

Of all his hoard the thing most dear.

But then arose a mighty fight

And death did take away his sight.

The dwarven smiths slew the ancient King

Who woke where water falls to sing

Upon the shores of Cuivienen

Before the earliest Fathers of Men

Waked or saw the rising sun,

When round of days was first begun.

His spirit passed beyond the West,

Where he may yet find health or rest

In the vast halls of Mandos stern.

His final fate we may not learn.”


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