The Last Day Of A 14-Year-Old Elven Maid – Another Poem by Me

by Apr 5, 2003Poetry

Early in the morning,
When the sun has just peaked
I rise out of bed,
With my hair snarled and tweaked.
Quickly getting dressed,
and tying up my hair.
I run down to breakfast,
Forgetting the last stair.
An Elder looks at me,
Ad shakes his head.
I scramble to get up,
This day I dread.
I finnaly make it to the hall,
And take my seat next to Mother.
She looks at me and winks,
Atleast she thinks I’m not a bother.
The food is served,
And soon we’re done.
The day has just started,
There are chores to be done!
I trip over laundry baskets,
and fall down stairs.
I’m covered in bruises,
But nobody cares.
I go to the kitchen,
I find cooking is fun.
I bake breads and pastries,
but help myself to a bun.
I go up to my room,
and sit and cry.
I wonder to myself,
Why do I even try?
I’m clumsy and ulgy,
I can’t do anything right.
So why am I here?
Why can’t I end this tonight?
I go to my window,
And stand on the sill.
Nobody will miss me,
I’m just a pill!
I jump from my perch,
And sail through the air.
To the end of my life,
Cause nobody will care.


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