The Last Battle

by Jan 13, 2005Poetry

If I should grow so frail and weak
That pain should keep me from my sleep
Then do for me what must be done
For this last battle must be won
Time grows short and my hope small
And time should come when I should fall
But do for me what you have to do
Take the burden and carry it through
I know you’re with me ’till the end,
You’re by my side my dearest friend
So, when I stumble and I fall
Promise me you’ll make the call
To end my pain and let me be,
Take the Ring away from me
If I stay here then you should know
Why it is I could not go
The pressure’s too much, I could not stand
Without you there, a guiding hand
Even then, I move too slow
We’d never make it if I go
We hold in our hand the world’s fate
I’d never forgive myself if we were too late
So, at the end if I’m not strong
Take my hand and lead me along,
But if I should stumble along the way
Take the Ring and save the day


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