The Lament of Love Lost

by Jan 1, 2004Poetry

I walk in forests long since dead,
Like withered wraiths o’er my head.
My raiment is black for still, I mourn,
For my love has left me here, forlorn.
Now his soul has fled away,
And so has light in sunless day.
No Dawn shall ever come for me
Between this world and the Sund’ring Sea.
The sky is pale, the Moon has failed,
In the wind for him I wail.
Only shadows dwelleth here
In the Twilight of forgotten years.
Bound by my grief, I’ve wandered far
To Night without a shining star.
I wait until my final release,
When life relents to eternal peace.
But I shall linger forever more
For my love’s memory on the Hither Shore.


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