The Lament of an Exile – The pain of Middle-earth

by Jul 8, 2002Poetry

My soul pains at the thought-
“The Sea! The Sea!” I cry
and though my prayers avail to nought,
I wish here not to die.

I came so long ago
back to the lands of my birth
but now I wish not to know
the pains of the Middle-earth.

My kin is all but gone,
away, away to the Sea!
Do not leave me alone!
for I cannot go with thee.

I drained to the dregs the cup of woe
that Melkor prepared for the World
yet I wish now that I did not go-
and had waited for Time to unfurl.

O Valinor! O Valinor!
O wilt thou hear my cry?
I wish no more to fade and roam
in the land under the sky!

I wish to see Alqualondë white
and the stems of the Two withered Trees,
I wish to see Taniquetil’s height
and unfading grass and leas.

A! To hear the Valaróma again!
To see tall Túna green!
where Fëanor with persuasion said
that we must leave Valinor’s sheen.

O Fëanor! O Fëanor!
Why listened I to thee?
What happiness I would have bore
if I had not heard thee!


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