The King

by Feb 25, 2004Poetry

The weather-beaten man at the Prancing Pony Inn
Little did young Frodo know: he was Elendil’s kin.
Known to most as Strider (Longshanks to a few)
Estel…Wingfoot…Telcontar…he knew what he must do.

He was a king without a crown,
but the time was near he must claim his own.
Fought he bravely at the Deeping Wall:
Defending the King of the Golden Hall.

The orcs defeated, he then led
His courageous compains through the Paths of the Dead.
Then on to the battle of Pellenor Fields!
His strong hands the reforged Narsil did wield.
Those same hands brought healing to the hearts of the ill
Eowyn and Faramir were saved by his will.

Then, suddenly, it was realized by all:
This was the heir of Elendil the Tall!
Osgiliath would no longer be spurned –
Gondor had triumphed! The king had returned.


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