The Keeper of the Wood

by Aug 4, 2006Poetry

The willow softly speaks his name
A hush falls on the fey
He walks with muddled sounds of such
Harsh scrutiny and dismay

For if you are a foe of late
As the tales so often tell
Walk amongst his wooded land
And no one shall know you fell

Bring to him no foul ill will
For Haldir is his name
Love both his land and his kin
And he shall do the same

Bring him closer to your heart
And he shall prove most true
Loyalty shown to friends alike
As elves most often do

Breathe the breath of love sincere
And look deeply in his eyes
You shall fall upon his name
Marked with boundaries but no ties

Boundaries marked by mortality
For this reason he holds no ties
He is immortal, life has no end
And the mortal eventually dies


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