The Journey – Another poem of the Journey of Frodo and Sam

by Nov 24, 2002Poetry

On a quest
Hung by a string
They try their best
To destroy this thing.

More powerful than all,
Lovely to behold,
This ring is very small
A menace of old.

On through the dark
With evil near
They wait for any
Hope to appear.

Four friends they are,
Nine they become,
The Fellowship created.
The journey begun.

The road is long,
The journey cold,
But the evil helps
Their friendship to hold.

With the loss of two
The Fellowhip breaks,
And the trip to Mordor
Two Hobbits take.

With darkness ahead
And home behind
They go on to battle
Of every which kind.

The evil grows
And the terror awaits
As with a new companion
They arrive at the gates.

The ring grows heavy,
They are caught unaware,
Frodo is captured,
Leaving Sam on the stair.

With courage and bravery
Sam fights back
To rescue Frodo,
The Orcs he attack.

Frodo is safe
And the journey still goes,
The fires of Mount Doom
Are beginning to show.

As friend helps friend
Their vision grows dim,
With the weight of the ring
Frodo stands looking in.

With an unexpected visit
Frodo fights at the peak,
Gollum and his “precious”
Take the final leap.

As with the loss of a finger
Frodo looks at his friend,
The ring is now destroyed,
The journey at its end.

Joining with the other Hobbits
They head back home,
Middle-earth is saved
And so is their home.


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