The Intertwining Paths – A Haiku

by Jun 12, 2004Poetry

Sméagol was his name
Deagol was his cousin’s name
They were but halflings

“Come fish with me friend
Let us cast our worries
Away in the sun”

So Sméagol agreed
And in the glow of the day
They cast out their lines

Deagol caught a fish
But he fell in the river
With a great big splash

His eyes expanded
When he saw a shiny glint
Buried in the sludge

Quicker than the eye
Could see he closed his fingers
On the prized jewel

He swam to the shore
Stroking it all the while
Murmuring to it

Now Sméagol saw it
And said “give it to me please”
But Deagol said no

“It is mine, I say!
I found it and you didn’t!
We will never part”

So Sméagol strangled
Deagol and took the precious
Calling it his own

He hid the body
And spied on his family
Using his secret

Suspicious of him
They became for Deagol had
Never returned home

So they cast him out
And he called the caves his home
Never to return

Now he was Slinker
Sometimes he was called Stinker,
Though it matters not

He had a gold ring
That he sometimes called Precious
“My precious, my own”

A Baggins took it
When he tricked and fooled him with
Riddles in the dark

“Nasty little thief!
He tricks us and the precious
Is gone…gone…all gone”

Soon there were rumors
That two hobbits were heading
Towards the crack of doom

He joined them with the
Intent of taking his ring
Back to his dark cave

It was there on the
Cracks of Mt. Doom that his fate
Was forever sealed

Filled with a crazed lust
He attacked with a vengeance
Cursing the hobbit

“We curses you thief
And we hates you. It is mine,
My own, my precious.”

So happy was he
That he didn’t realize
How close the edge was

While he was dancing
His foot slipped and the precious
Fell out of his hands

With a cry of pain
Gollum lunged after the ring
And fell to his death

Now the deed was done
Sauron the enemy dead
The Eye was no more

Rescues by eagles
At the end of all things
Were Frodo and Sam

Back to the Shire
Greater than they were before
And yet forgotten

To the Havens now
Frodo must sail to the West
Do not cry my friends

He must heal his wounds
He must learn to laugh again
But he won’t be back

Farewell my good friends
To be blessed with memories
Is what I wish for

The ship disappeared
Beneath the glorious Sun
That was setting fast

Back to their homes now
Three brave little hobbits went
“Well, I’m back” Sam said.


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