The Hurt Inside as I Say Good-bye – From Theoden to Eowyn as he dies

by Aug 9, 2005Poetry

I see your face, and it is known to me
For, I used to look the same as thee
Hidden by the wars of time
Shadowed by this once pristine line
The pain is growing
And never ceasing

Daughter of my house
You are more quiet than a mouse
Never do you complain
At least, not of my shame
I would have you joyful
Not so utterly pain full

I see the hope this man has given you
I would thank him, for it is due
Though, I am fading
Out of this dark shading
Tell him for me that I thank him
For I cannot do it on this whim

The sky grows dark
I see the angles hark
They are calling me
In whose great company
I will find rest
And my heart will not detest

My dear daughter
Look at me now as my heart grows lighter
I know your face
It is full of a wonderful grace
Daughter, my niece
I would love to see thee at peace

This war will end
Your pain you will send
Away, if it be my choice
Though, I have a weak voice
I leave thee now with hope
For you will learn to cope

I love you, dearest
Remember me, sweetest…


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