The Houses of Healing – The captain and the White Lady

by Feb 26, 2005Poetry

I love her more every day
the fair, White Lady of Rohan
She has suffered, she is cold
Eowyn, Eowyn, all the things that you have seen
I wrapped my mother’s mantle around her
and she smiled at me
Queenly she looked, as our eyes strayed ever East
that clear, starry night in the gardens
Her golden hair blowing in the breeze
as we stood upon the walls
our hands met
she was still cold
My City was at war
but I never felt such joy in my heart

And we walked in the gardens together
and sat under a green tree,
now in silence, now in speech
At times I thought my heart would be pierced with pity
yet I found comfort by her side
As she looked in my eyes and understood
I wish those days would never end
And I only wanted to sing all the things I felt in my heart

The Eagles came bearing good news from the East
the sun shone on her
and she was never more beautiful
Gleams of the sun shone in her wondrous eyes
as I watched her winter pass
We stood in Minas Anor,
the Tower of the Sun
And I took her in my arms and kissed her
under the sunlit sky
and she was warm
Let us build a home in fair Ithilien
All things will grow with joy there if the White Lady comes.
Oh Eowyn, Eowyn of Rohan
daughter of Kings
Let us go together
and forget our grief
Never let go of my hand


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