The Heart of Mithrandir – A poem about the thoughts of Mithrandir

by Feb 20, 2003Poetry

***First, thanks to LadyCoralie, who has been so kind to give me a comment – the first poem comment in my short life(only 13 years), though I have written no less then a hundred proems, in English – not my home tongue (Chinese). But PLEASE, I beg thee, give me more comments!


Long I walked the silent lands,
And read the cunnings of my foe.
His malice follows my trail – I know
And weary am I in my legs and hands.

Long was my labor in the empty seas,
Marring the designs of Sauron the Great,
And on my heart is a terrible weight:
The task appointed for me

O the proud King of the Mark! Dost thou not perceive
My work throughout the dark years?
Long I counseled thee, and long I feared,
And long have thee been deceived.

O the tall Lord of Gondor! Dost thou not comprehend
That nor despair nor valor may resist
The strength of the Mordor under Sauron’s wrist,
And would have acieved only the End?

But Mithrandir am I, the Pilgrim Grey,
One of the Five in secret came;
I desire no wealth nor fame,
Nor dominion, o nay;

Kindly I may seem, weak I may appear,
Old with time and mind of decay;
But for five hundred lives of Men in nights and days
I strove with the Enemy; and I fear neither curse nor spear.

When my task is done, o Manwe, Manwe,
Again will I tread the familiar path to home, my home;
And forever under the silver moon and the deep blue dome
Will I wander, free of the care of days;

The ages of Men are drawing nigh,
Only in Aman may we seek our abide;
All that is left is the green lands wide
In my home, Aman, Aman, that never dies;

Ere the End I may rest at ease
In the last peace in the Ancient West;
Yet before the Last Ship sails I will meet the Test –
The last Test…and may we have peace.

The Road goes ever on and on.



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