The heart of Eowyn – a poem about eowyn, her desires and death

by Feb 6, 2003Poetry

O, how bright the moon shines
And for it I pine
I pine to fly across the sky
I am not afraid to live or die
All I fear is a cage
That bars me in for an age
There is no escape, no way out
And life is but a glimmer & happiness but a doubt
To see the world, to be my own master
To wield a sword & ride horses faster
This is my joy, this is my hope
But here I sit and I mope
The clear ringing of trumpets, they call me
Now let all my enemies flee
And here comes one cloaked all in black
And of courage he thinks I lack
Here the blood of my king & people fill the ground
I’m struck with icy cold pain, they will dig another mound
The darkness comes, it is all around me
It takes my breath and I cannot see
Farewell to the world for now I am free
To own myself and to let death take me


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