The Hardest Thing – A poem by Gimli

by Sep 3, 2002Poetry

Gimli Gloin’s son

I have seen much in my days
I have been under the Lady’s gaze
Lock barer that’s who I be
Gimli Gloin’s son Elf-friend that’s me
But now I shake with dread
We are taking the Paths of the dead

Many things have I done
But this, this is the hardest one
I have killed orcs (42 at last count)
I have seen talking trees
I saw Saruman obey
I have resisted the Ring
But this, this is the hardest thing

I have past through Moria’s dark hall
I did fight where Balin did fall
I have seen Durin’s Bane
And I came out again

On horse I rode
Now I bare a lode
Aragorn walks just a head
On this, this the Path of the Dead

My heart still does beat
I walk on shacking feet
I fill with dread
For behind me walk the dead


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