The grief of Luthien

by Feb 2, 2006Poetry

Hear my voice, Erchamion!
Listen to my song!
Beren! Can you hear me?
I feel still the warmth of your hand
My burning tears fall silently on your beloved face
Can you hear your Nightingale?
Can you not feel my tears?
Wake now, my love, and look at me
Let me see the sweet love in your eyes again!

Wake up, brave Barahir-son!
My strength, my courage, my hope
My only love, you cannot leave me!
I know your strength
And it has not left you
You are still here with me
I know it in my heart
Open your beautiful eyes
Camlost and Erchamion
Beren One-hand, my love
Let me see the light in your eyes again!

Brave hero, great lord of the Edain
You have earned everything
You cannot lose it all now!
I will not let you leave me!
Let us walk under the Sun again, my love
Can you not remember?
Golden flowers in days of green spring
You held me so near
You held my hand and you kissed me
And I could feel your heart beat so near to mine
I will always remember
And I will live all my days in the memory of your laughter
Look into my eyes again, Beren
Look at me and know
I would have given my life to keep you safe
Let us walk under the stars again!

I will wander with you
My heart will always wander with yours
I can feel you breathe, Erchamion
And I feel still the warmth of your hand
Can you not feel my burning tears?

You walked into the blind darkness
And your life has ever been dark
Filled with sadness and grey days
But I love you, and our days together were fair
Night is falling
And the bright stars have appeared
But I have never felt such a blind night in my heart
Your hand is cold now
But your fate is mine, One-hand
And my heart is yours
Let me see the fire in your eyes again!
Now wake and hear your Nightingale!


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