The Grey Pilgrim – To the professor

by Jul 27, 2005Poetry

Over Middle-earth’s many seas
from the land wich no one sees
came our hope the Grey Pilgrim
to make a war in hours dark and grim

He searched for long and seeked the truth
mostly on earth but also in the sky roof
and found it finally in the Shire
the Ring was looking for its sire

He quickly gathered a Fellowship of Nine
But he fell fighting in the dark mine
a Maya dead falling in the dark
after defeating a demon born from dark art

All his friends believed this was the end
but in Valinor he was called again
Given new name and new grace
all you could see was hope in his face

He fought again for peace and freedom
until it fell, Sauron’s kingdom
no man ever knew his true name
for me he always is Gandalf the Grey



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