The Greatest Lesson – Friendship

by Jul 1, 2003Poetry

When the fire was warm and the days were of Spring
When the birds in the fields could do nothing but sing
When there was plenty to eat and a bed where to sleep
With nothing but peace and contentment to keep
When a step out the borders was seen as a leap
Sam stood by me, as my friend.

When the Road was still new and the company strange
When the Riders swept down with their darkness and pain
With their black flowing cloaks and their strange, high-pitched shrieks
When a couple of hours would seem like a week
To my hardened but unused to toiling feet
Sam stood by me, as a friend.

When the sweetness returned to me in Rivendell
And for a while I breathed from the world of hell
When I knew that only for a while I rested
And after a while I again would be tested
When my body was willing but my spirit protested
Sam stood by me, willing friend.

With my tears at the dark grave of Gandalf the Grey
With discoveries in our Lothlórien stay
When we set out again down the blue Anduin
When I made my decision at great Amon Hen
When the Fellowship ended, and Mordor began
Sam went with me on that day.

When my steps all were weak, Sméagol guided our way
While I didn’t quite trust him, I still let him stay
When I stumbled and faltered and hid from the eye
That in its red flaming illumined the sky
When I prayed that the darkness would yet pass me by
Sam stood there, like a true friend.

When I healed from my wounds back in waiting Bag End
And rejoiced to be well in the Shire again
When my shoulder still burned like the cut was just made
When I knew I would take the ordeal to my grave
Then I finally broke free, though I had been a slave
Sam stayed with me, like a friend.

When my poor heart was breaking to be waving goodbye
When the Sea was clear blue like the overhead sky
When I knew that I never again would return
Taking with me the memories of fire’s burn
At least one (if only) true lesson I learned:
Sam will always stand near, as my friend!


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