The Fires of Death

by Mar 6, 2005Poetry

The Fires of Death

My line has ended
With the death of
Gondor’s last chance.
Only a glimmer long faded

The strong are sacrificed
In the pursuit of Power
While the righteous live on.
It is a cruel turn of fate
That the roles are not exchanged because
Kingdoms cannot be sustained by
Honorable men.

Honor alone begets weakness.
But ruthlessness begets Power.
And only with Power may
Bargain with Time.

Gondor’s twin thrones
Will stand forever empty
Until the city is turned to
Or Ash.

All has been lost:
Walls are worthless
Without a future.
And the existence of
A useless hope
Is more than ever in vain
With no walls.

Even the dust of Gondor
Has no chance against this
All will be ash.
I will be ash.

Gondor’s short future will
Burn with its walls.
Its destruction will be complete
In one devastating night;
A night that will last for an age
Lit only by death.


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