The Finding Of The One Ring – The Dark Day

by Feb 13, 2003Poetry

The Finding Of The Ring

Gollum woke up on his birthday,
And got out of bed,
Evil thoughts
Flowed through his head,

Him and his friend,
Went down to the river,
It was a stone cold morning,
They started to shiver

His friend fell in,
Right to the bottom,
There he found a ring,
Long forgotten

Gollum saw it,
And fell in love,
He thought it a gift,
From the one above.

It was a magic ring,
The one to rule,
The one that was powerful,
And ever so cruel

It made you invisible,
When slipped on your finger,
But it made the world,
Ever so dingier.

Gollum fled,
With his present,
But awaked a darkness
In a crescent

He awoke Sauron,
The evil one,
The elves all fled,
What was to be done

The White Counsel,
With their mighty power
Cast out his evil,
Until a different hour.

But little did they know,
That he returned,
And once again,
Mount Doom burned.

Orcs were bred,
They ran under the sun,
War came,
And death had begun.

But the most unlikely thing happened,
Bilbo Baggins found the ring,
No-one knew,
But his little sword sting.

He returned to The Shire,
His Hobbit hole,
But the nine were abroad,
With their evil souls.

They seeked out Baggins,
With the ring,
The one no-one thought of,
The little halfling.


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