The Final Journey – Leaving Middle-Earth forever…

by Jan 13, 2005Poetry

Soon I will leave the dwellings of my people
And sail across the sea,
And set foot upon the shores of Valinor
That is where I ought to be.

There I will see my friends and relatives
Who left me long ago
To embark upon a final adventure.
Soon I must come, they know.

There is always peace in the Undying Lands
And times are never dull.
Now I can rest under the trees no longer
For I have heard the gulls.

While counting down the days, I often wonder
How long I must still stay;
A punctilious ship maker’s ships make me
Want to leave right away.

But then, I remember the wonderful sights
Found here on Middle Earth;
Almost quenching the spirit of adventure
Much like flames in a hearth.

I’m thinking about the land of Lorien, where
In winter leaves are gold;
Dancing in the forests with Mirkwood elves
Under trees that are old;

About talking and laughing with grey bearded Ents,
Singing beneath the stars;
Galloping across the plains on a white horse
Under skies resembling blue bars;

Arriving to warm welcomes at Rivendell
Attending splendid feasts;
Having my way with animals like all elves
And calming down wild beasts.

With a sigh I pull myself out of my thoughts
Run outside to these sights
To spend as much time as I possibly can
Amidst all these delights.

All in all, I know that when the day comes when
I must finally leave,
As I get on the ship with the one I love
I shall certainly grieve.


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