The Fellowship of the Ring – A poem about the 9 who set out to distroy the one ring

by Aug 23, 2003Poetry


The Fellowship has formed and now they give leave
To journey in wilderness, there’s a path that they weave
Over mountains, valleys, and hills they do walk
Getting to know how the members move, listen, and talk

Gandalf the Grey, there’s many things to say
His cloak is worn and torn away
He’s so very honest and never lies
He is old and wary, but very wise

Aragorn, Elessar, Isildur’s heir
One of the best Rangers, one who is rare
An important duty he has to fulfill
To become the greatest king, the throne he must fill

Legolas the elf with golden hair
All quiver under his perpetual stare
A bow to steer the arrow straight
He has never feared of his fate

A man from the White City, there is who has come
Borormir wants the ring, more than some
Braveness he has when he holds his sword
But will braveness save this wondrous Lord?

The son of Gloin the dwarf, Gimli is
Could anyone match the strength of his?
He wields his ax with surprising grace
He comes from a strong and clever race

Good hearted Samwise Gamgee
Can anyone love as much as he?
Helping ones who are in trouble
No one could ever be his double

So simple-minded is Pippin the hobbit
He helps out his friends when he sees it fit
But in the future he will become a hero
Fighting, winning, and defeating his foe

Pippin is Merry Brandybuck’s best friend
He’s like Pippin, but will be different in the end
When he will give his service to King Theoden
And to the king’s great army of men

Frodo is last, but of course not the least
For he is the one who must challenge the beast
He carries a burden that he must bring
To a land called Mordor to destroy the ring

Will their mission succeed, will they live to see the sun?
Will they all live to see the end when the battles are won?
Or have they traveled these great many leagues in vain
To see Sauron with the one ring, Isildur’s bane?


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