The Fate of Us All~Frodo – A Poem of the Ringbearer

by Mar 20, 2003Poetry

Ring Bearer

Like rain should fall,
From the sky so tall,
Should such a little thing,
Be the danger of us all.

No one knows the peril,
Or torment he bears.
The world is at stake,
Yet not many care.

His faithful servant,
Is ever at hand,
Obeying his wish,
And command.

Yet this is no comfort,
To this one’s pain,
For all that he knows,
It could all be in vain.

For each step he takes,
The Ring gets more heavy.
Yet no one in the company
Is ready.

For what lies ahead,
No one knows,
As they get closer,
The Bearer’s fear grows.

The mountain of fire,
Is far up the road,
Evil is near,
It has been showed.

So many dangers,
But you had your friends,
Now you have left them,
Is this the end?

Except Sam still beside you,
You go on alone,
With the light of Lorien,
The way will be shown.


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