The Fans Have All Spoken… We want More Tolkien

by Oct 4, 2004Poetry

I thought the day would never grow near,
When the Return of the King would finally be here.
My excitement grew with everyday,
The passion I have for this world far away.
But at midnight I exclaimed with all my delight,
as I watched it unveil in the blink of an eye.
The battles were keen, the enemies mean,
and so much despair lie in between.
We fought the good fight and many were lost,
War cannot be won without such a cost.
Alas!! Sauron is dead,
and the orcs have all fled.
The good have survived,
and Frodo’s alive.
The Ranger from the north reclaimed the throne,
and Frodo, Sam and the Hobbits went home.
The elves have all sailed for great Valinor,
now that the peace of Middle Earth is restored.
The fiery frenzy of the eye is extinguished,
but the passion we share can not be relinquished.
The tale shall go on forever in thought,
and hopes for The Hobbit will not be forgot


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