The falls of Rauros

by Oct 12, 2003Poetry

The golden light
A warrior’s might
His life is spent
For him I wept

Have you sean him proud and standing?
On the high tower the fields observing?
The Pelennor his playground field
That for Gondor he would not yield
Now silent and calm he seems
As Rauros drags him in its endless schemes

His enemies slain
For Isildur’s bane
Gondor’s son
Blond as the sun
In my arms he lays
And his secret he says

Sleep now, Rest redeemed
Your blood has not in vain bean spilled
From its evil clutch we all are freed
Onwards the fellowship I must lead
Our captive friends must now be freed
And so I bid you a last farewell
Good-bye dear man
Your rest’s at hand
The sea is now your resting place
My mind will always keep your face


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