The Fall of Numenor

by Oct 10, 2003Poetry

They found it by the Western Star
The land that evil did not mar.
A Star shaped island from the Sea
Was raised by Gods for Kings to be.
Guided by Earendil, in Vingilot, in Rothinzil
The Men had found it by Valar’s will.
Golden towers and a Tree of White
All were grown by Elven might.
Birds sang the songs of Light
And lamps of silver shone in the night.
Blessed was Númenor
But the hearts of Men yearned for Valinor.
Mariners they were of great, that sailed from all their blessed shores
In pearl-white ships with golden oars.
They traveled Seas both mild and mad
But still their spirits were dim, not glad.
A Ban was set that Men shan’t break
For if they shall, a storm shall wake.
The Dunedain they were of old
All clad themselves in silver; gold.
Lengthened life did they achieve
But Kings and Princes did naught but grieve.
Their City grew in splendour and fame,
But a fear was on them they could not name.
For immortality they longed and sought
And came back weary, old, with naught.
Thus, hearts of Men were greatly darkened
To Vala’s will they did not hearken.
And the White Tree was dying
While Kings in golden tombs were lying.
The Eldar came there never more
And bleak and bare was the Numenorean shore.
The Valar then refused them aid
And Sauron’s evil did all but fade.
The Nine Ulairi he ensnared
And few opposed them if they dared:
Mounted on their ghostly steeds
Three were Numenorean Kings.
Some there were that loved the light, others worshiped darkness.
Came Sauron to Numenor and beheld its mighty vastness.
His malice lengthened, while his cunning grew;
Those who opposed him then were few.
The King he caught who trusted him
And then the fate of Men was grim.
But one there was that was not cheated:
Amandil was he that remained undefeated.
He sent Isildur late at night
To save if he may Nimloth’s light.
To Armanelos he went in guise
And guards he passed of Sauron’s devise.
A fruit he took from the White Tree
Before it was felled for evil to be.
And Sauron built there a tower,
Where sacrifice was foul and cruel under his power.
Mad was King Ar-Pharazon
His hatred great, his wisdom gone.
The Ban he thought no longer strong:
A war he wrought and knew no wrong.
And Sauron lied “Aman is weak
“Why not make war and find what you seek?”
To this the King agreed
And planted then his evil seed.
He sailed to the West late in the night
And feared not yet the Valar’s might.
But wrathful were the Gods of old
And broke the Men that once were bold.
The Earth was rent and Seas towered to the sky:
Numenor was drowned and heard not its maidens cry.
The Sea arose in frightening might
And waves that looked like endless night.
The mountains fell and towers broke
And thus the mind of Iluvatar spoke.
The Star thus, was then no more
And this befell to answer Ar-Pharazon’s war.
It sank beneath the darkened waves:
Its golden halls were turned to graves.
Elendil and his sons were spared
And on the shores of Middle-earth they fared.
But Sauron laughed as he sank in his tower
And returned to Mordor with a lust for power.
There he forged himself a Ring
Through which a doom he thought to bring.
And then fairest of all Men’s Kingdoms ended
And a grief befell that could not be tended
But Aman was sent to the Heavens in the sky
Where places enchanted and blissful still lie.


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