The Fall of Nolofinwë

by May 22, 2007Poetry

Fire devoured all
none answered horn call
Valiant Princes upon earth lain
cruelly have they been slain

Armies lay under siege
comes crying the King’s liege
Desolate is his high view
red is the ground’s dew

Slain are kith and kin
the Glamhoth adin
Brightly crowned is the King’s head
lo! it falls clattering sighting the dead

Utter ruin before him
the sun groweth dim
Fey is his mood
for all withers that was good

Seizing Ringil, he goes to do valour
upon that great steed Rochallor
Who runneth upon winged feet
with his lord firm aseat

From burnt heath to choking dust
where forgotten sword falls into rust
Taunts fiercely he cries
the great gate he smites

The ground shakes and all is a-tremble
thence from the gate comes He, with armor and shield of sable
In whose eye, Ringil gleams cold
and strikes fear in that Enemy of Old

Down came hammer and woe betide
but that Lord, in raiment bright, leapt aside
Seven times does Ringil hew
to sever Bauglir’s sinew

Standing tall above Finwë’s son
He comes down in wrath with shield dun
Heavily the King doth fall
Upon his neck, lay the foot of Morgoth tall

Breathing his last
the King hews fast
But immortal life fails
and West it sails

But his body Morgoth breaks
and nigh well casts it to his drakes
But lo! Thorondor comes in a rush of wings
and away he takes the son of kings

Thence he bears him to the hidden City
him who was slain with no pity
Where Turukáno dwells, his son
Nolofinwë who came with the Sun

Hísilómë- Hithlum
Glamhoth- ancient name for the Orcs
Nolofinwë- Fingolfin
Turukáno- Turgon

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