The Fall of Moria – A poem describing what happened to Moria

by Dec 31, 2002Poetry

Torches flickered shadows,
Up against the walls,
The danced all through the hallways
Illuminating everything so small.

Dwarf lords sat upon their thrones,
Rulers of the mines,
Giving orders to the workers,
To dig until they find,

A metal worth much more than gold,
And all riches put together,
Stronger than a dragon’s scales,
Lighter than the smallest feather.

Mithril drove the dwarves to greed,
Always needing more,
They dug down much to deep,
The rain outside began to pour.

Orcs and trolls attacked the mines,
The Balrog awoke from his sleep,
The dwarves fought as well as they could,
But they heard the drums from deep.

A great race once so proud,
Must accept their fate,
They had the chance to save themselves,
But not it’s much to late.


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