The Fall of Gondolin

by Oct 27, 2003Poetry

I am Ecthelion of the Fountain
To King Turgon, at his feet my sword is lain
I protect the Hidden City with all me might
In tales I am named Gothmog’s Bain

Great were the white walls of Gondolin
Before Morgoth’s thralls turned them brown
Great were was the Fountain of the King
Before the Balrogs, orcs and fire-drakes threw it down

Fair Folk of the King and the Fountain
Look upon Morgoth’s innumerable hordes
Look upon the devastation of the city and draw your pale swords
Fight to the death and make them remember Gondolin, make them remember the flutes of the Fountain, and the folk of the Gondolthim

Make them remember Turgon, Glorfindel and Rog
All that fateful day what happened
The shouts of the valiant soldiers
And the death of the great captain

The tale now is full told
The great city is gone
The Square and Tower lie in ruin, and the struggle seems for naught
But even if the Fall of Gondolin be completed, Morgoth’s vengeance was dearly bought.


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