The Fall of Gondolin

by Sep 25, 2004Poetry

I was just a child when it happened,
Gondolin, the City I love, fell.
It was betrayed, destroyed,
And slaughtered by the Dark Lord.

I remember hearing the screams and yells
Of our warriors and friends.
My mother came and scooped me up,
Rushing out of the City with the others.

I couldn’t see my father:
I asked my mother where he was.
She told me to hush,
That he’d meet us on the way.

I kept watch for him,
My head peeking from behind my mother’s shoulders.
I scanned every face that passed,
Hoping, praying that one would be my father’s.

Then I heard them: Orcs, Men, Wargs…
All servants of the Dark Lord.
They came through the gates,
Screeching, growling, and howling.
Our warriors were pushed back,
Fighting heavily.

I saw my father.
He was pinned against the wall,
Fighting a Warg and three Men.
Arrows flew and buried themselves in the Warg.
My father nodded his thanks to the friend who had helped.
He slew the Men in front of him
And went to help other warriors.

Suddenly many more orc came up from behind him.
“ADA!,” I screamed in horror as I saw him slain:
He stumbled and fell,
Orc scimitars protruding from his breast.

My mother’s steps never faltered,
Though I could feel her trembling as she ran.
And her tears wet my tunic where she buried her face.
She too, knew that her husband was dead.

I watched in fearful suspense
The battle between my kin and the forces of the Dark Lord.
Many kin fell that day:
The ground strewn with their bodies,
And their blood.

I was just a child,
Unable to tear my eyes from the fearful hold
That the slaughter had on me.
The City of Light, the Hidden Flower
Was being destroyed right in front of me.

The hideous shrieks of triumph filled the air
As the meager few that survived,
That had escaped
Plodded along numbly,
Scarcely believing that their City had fallen.

My mother turned a corner
And Gondolin was hidden from my sight.
Then I buried my head into her shoulders,
Sobbing as the full realization
That my Ada was gone forever
Sunk in.

My mother gently, mechanically rubbed my hair,
Singing a sad lullaby.
It lulled me into a restless and uneasy sleep.

I am since older,
Having seen many ages pass me by.
My dreams are haunted with the visions
Of the day when Gondolin fell.

I have not returned,
But I often think of the City,
Picturing it in my mind as it once was;
And of my father and mother,
Who perished:
One by sword, the other by grief.

I long to depart
To the Havens in the West.
Soon I shall
For I have no wish to stay here.
Arda is too full of grief,
Too full of sad memories.

May the Valar grant me peace
And heal my aching and broken heart
In the Havens, in Valinor.

**Author’s Note**
this is dedicated to Rana (who is writing Lily of Gondolin) because her story is what gave me the idea to write this. so, it is loosely based on her story and of course the story from the Silmirillion by Tolkien. i hope you enjoyed this poem!


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