The Fading Evenstar – Another poem

by Sep 5, 2005Poetry

Through the slow decay of time
My love was taken from me
Our fate combined, his and mine
I knew this had to be

As I slowly walked through the mist
This place where our souls would meet
I thought of the last time we kissed
Our parting was bittersweet

I walked beneath the mallorn trees
This once had been my home
The fading of their golden leaves
My mind had never known

My eyes were full of wisdom and pain
Showing the sadness of the Evenstar
Life would never be the same
Without my love, my Elessar

Tears flowing down my face
My children had not known
This would be my resting place
Not behind walls of stone

Upon a mound of earth I lay
The sparkle fading from my eyes
My final choice was to stay
In the land where shadow lies

The grass trembled
when I began to sigh
My fingers were turning cold
This would be my last goodbye

Death was coming to me
In the forests of Lothlorien
Strong may my children be
My story, now, is done


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