The Evenstar – The Evenstar

by Jul 22, 2002Poetry

She shines like a ray of light
Gleaming like a jewel in the moonlight
She was beautiful more than anything
Her voice is as an angel when she sings

Her hair is dark as night
Her heart gentle but firm and valiant
Her eyes piercing you at first sight
Her lips utter words alive and full of beauty

A white shining jewel is fixed around her neck
A crown of shimmering gems on her head
Her face glistening, her sweet tears falling to the earth
So blissful so sorrowful. Captivating is the Evenstar

A thousand words of beauty could not describe her
She is an elf full of ages but young at the same time
A burden lays heavily on her for a man or for her family
Radiant, exquisite, ravishing, is the Evenstar


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