The Ent in my backgarden – a sad tale of the last ent

by May 11, 2003Poetry

There was an ent in my backgarden
I’d dare not talk or speak
It only stood tall and did not say a peep
Its leaves were Evergreen
Its branches strong of Oak
I loved the Ent in my backgarden
though it did not talk or speak
and how I do miss it so
It dare not say a peep
But the Ent in my backgarden
no longer stands tall
through Summer,winter or fall
The birds no longer sit atop
the wisest Ent of all
That lovely ent in my backgarden
spoke only six words to me
*”Whether Ent or tree Save us”*
Though it was not much
I understood his words
the warning he had given
On they day they cut him down
I cried a little tear
For now no longer was
there an ent in my backgarden
who stood tall
but did not talk
and dare not speak
who did not cry or even weep
The birds are gone
No Ivy left
No leaves of Evergreen
and though they say
with every tree we cut another two be planted
they cannot plant an Ent
they cannot give them life
they have no right to give them death
For *never* shall there be
an Ent in my backgarden
to stand tall and comfort me.


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