The End

by Jul 8, 2004Poetry

I will fight,
Fight to the end,
Fight till I die,
When the world bends.
For my master is dead,
Blackness is over the land,
Yet I know he is in a soft bed,
With a merry-Elf band.
I fight and get hurt,
all my friends fall about me,
My face now covered in dirt,
Has tears as I can barely see.
I was stabbed in the back,
I fall to the floor,
Yet death is what I lack,
My life is never more.
I wake in sunlight,
In great delight,
I expect my master is there,
Yet there is nothing but bare.
He was an elf,
And when they die,
They wont be awakened,
When they die,
They wont be shaken.
He is gone forever,
I sit there and cry,
He is gone forever,
I still sit there and cry.

I still sit there and cry,
For not all tears are an evil.


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