The end of the Road…. – Sam to Frodo

by Mar 30, 2003Poetry

The end of the Road lies near at hand,
The one-way gate of death looms nigh.
Long ago, the light had fled,
From darkness sweeping o’er the sky.

Now flooding through our troubled minds,
Urging on our weary feet,
Are memories of what’s behind,
Those years at home, when life was sweet.

But now those days are over; gone.
Lost in a hell of misery.
In Mordor black, Mount Doom beyond,
Death stretched as far as eye can see.

Frodo, sir, my master and friend,
I’m here with you, I’m here to stay.
Your Sam, beside you to the end,
Nothing can take our trust away.

All mortals die; our death has begun,
But our faces stay toward the rising sun.


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